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Kazakhstan lies in the center of the European and Asian continents, and is approximately equidistant from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Kazakhstan is located in a Central Asia and borders Russia to the North, China tj the East, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to the South, And the Caspian Sea to the West.


The territory of the country stretches 1600km from north to south and 2800km from west to east.
The total area of the country covers 2.7 million sq. km.


More than a quarter of our land consists of a portion of the gentle steppes that stretch from central Europe to Siberia. The rest of the republic reflects the beauty of forests, mountains, 11,000 rivers and more than 7,000 lakes and reservoirs. Our natural landscape is enhanced by thousands of plant and animal varieties found from the northern forest steppes to the high southern mountains.
Kazakhstan is home to rare plants like the turang tree and the black ash, and rare animals and birds such as the snow leopard, Przhevalsky's horse, the steppe antelope (saigak) and the pink flamingo.
Kazakhstan is a combination of various natural landscapes, from the mountains and glaciers of the Zaili Alatau (ridges of the Tien-Shan range) to steppe, semi-desert and desert.
The highest point in Kazakhstan is 7,010 m above sea level (the Khan-Tengri peak). The lowest point is in the west of the country, 132 m below sea level (the Karagie depression, east of the Caspian Sea).


Situated between two quite different natural and climatic zones (Central Asia and Siberia), Kazakhstan is the region where the cold air masses from the north meet with the hot winds from the south.
That is why Kazakhstan has the sharp continental climate.
It is characterized by irregular distributions of precipitation in its different areas. In separate years spring stretches from the south to the north during 1,5 - 2 months (when it is spring sowing in the south, the north area is covered with snow and the blizzards storm frequently).

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