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Extraction and manufacturing forms the largest single component of Kazakhstan's economy.
Kazakhstan is famous for its uncalculated mineral wealth. The scientists of the leading countries consider Kazakhstan to be on the six place in world, though this advantage is not used effectively. The cost of the investigated depths is 10 trillion US dollars.
Kazakhstan has enormous rich natural resources. In short, 99 elements among 110 elements of the Mendeleev periodic system are found in the depths of Kazakhstan. For the present time 60 elements are extracted and used.
Kazakhstan is one of the richest countries in oil, gas, titanium, magnesium, tin, uranium, gold and other non-ferrous metals turnings. Now, Kazakhstan is one of the outstanding producers of tungsten and holds the first place in the world, the second place in chromium and phosphorous ores, the fourth - in lead and molybdenum, the eighth in iron ore turnings (16,6 mid, tons) after Brasil, Australia, Canada, USA, India, Russia and Ukraine.
In addition Kazakhstan is a major producer fnd exporter of agricultural products-primarily grain, wool and meat.
It has a network of oil and gas pipelines, railways and motorways, and modern telecommunications and aviation.

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