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     National currency

The unit of currency is the Kazakhstan Tenge indicated as which is equivalent to 100 tiyn.
Coins are issued in denominations of 1 tenge, 5 tenge, 10 tenge, 20 tenge, 50 tenge.
Currency notes are in 10 Tenge, 20 Tenge, 50 Tenge, 100 Tenge, 200 Tenge,500 Tenge, 1000 Tenge, 2000 Tenge and 5000 Tenge.
Foreign currency and travelers cheques can be converted to Kazakhstan Tenge at banks or authorized exchange points at the railway stations, airport, large hotels, the Main Post Office.
It is preferable to exchange currencies at the banks, where the exchange rate is most reasonable. Many banks are open up to 16 hours on week days, being closed on week-ends.

The most reputable banks of Kazakhstan are:
Turanalembank [ RUS ENGL ]
Citibank [ RUS ENGL ]
AMB bank [ RUS ENGL ]
Kazcommertzbank [ RUS ENGL ]
Lariba bank     
Bank Caspian [ RUS ENGL ]
Ambank [ RUS ENGL ]

Bankomats for which users are supposed to have all-European credit cards are usually located closeby.
On the territory of Kazakhstan the following credit cards are accepted for payment: Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Amercan Express.

You will find additional information in corresponding city section you intend to visit

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