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     The Issyk Burial Mound.

In 1969 the ancient Sakian mound Issyk was excavated not far away from Almaty. Now it is widely known throughout the world. Under the mound, in a grave edged with fir logs, on a wooden floor they found remains of a Sakian king dressed in clothes covered entirely with golden plates. The king's head was crowned with a high pointed hat decorated with images of winged steeds symbolizing the god of the sun. His arms were a long sword and a short dagger. The costume consists of 4,000 gold elements in the "animal style" typical of Sacae burial mounds.
It is kept in the Museum of Gold, Almaty.
Also found in the grave were clay jars with koumiss, wooden trays with pieces of meat, precious jugs made of silver and bronze.
The Issyk burial mound is regarded as one of the greatest archaeological monuments of the Scythian-Sacae period. Its discovery enabled historians to date the beginning of statehood in the territory of present-day Kazakhstan. The burial mound dates back to the 4th century B.C.
Found in the mound Issyk, in the burial place of the "Golden man", was a silver cup which bears an inscription on its bottom consisting of 26 characters. The inscription has not yet been deciphered. Some scientists believe the inscription to have been written in one of the Iranian languages, the others - in the Proto-Turkic. In any case, it was at that time that the language, psychological stereotypes, many elements of culture, everyday life, national customs and traditions of the mediaeval Kazakhs began to take shape.
Saks were descendants of the Andronovo-culture tribes and ancestors of the Kazakhs

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