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     Ancient Taraz

Taraz is an ancient and the largest trading - administrative centre of the Silk Road.
It was generated as the city - state of turgesh and karluk settlements in the 7-8 centuries.
At that period it had the radial-ring agro-city system formed by a radial direction of caravan roads and five lines of defensive walls. Shakhristan and a citadel with powerful fortification were settled down in the centre , and adjoining rural districts were enclosed with three lines of long defensive walls. On the crossings of caravan lines and external ring of walls there were keshki - constructed and fortified castles of the governors supervising trade, agricultural lands and carrying out the city defense.
Numerous monuments, fragments of traditional building radial-ring planning network of streets, the rests of a citadel, shakhristan and long walls of the city were kept for today.

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