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     Ancient Yassy (Turkestan)

Turkestan- the first capital of Kazakh khan state, as distinct from other cities of the south of Kazakhstan, partly more ancient and not less significant in historical plan (Otrar, Sauran, Isfidjab etc.), has its own priorities.
First of all, this is the foundation of spiritual and administrative centre of medieval Kazakhstan here.
During the 4-6th centuries AD the initial settlement appeared.
There is a suphie monastery of Yassawits' order appeared on the way of "Zranat"between the old city and its necropolis at the 11-12th centuries .
At the 14th century Emir Timur constructs grandiose khanaka above a tomb of sheikh Ahmed Yassawi.
At the 15-17th centuries the Kremlin - headquarters of Kazakh khans is formed here, mausoleum of Tauke, Tavakel, Janguir, Yesim, Ablay - the founders of Kazakh statehood is constructed on the territory of a necropolis .
All this has allowed a small city to become the capital centre of Kazakh state.

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