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     Kazakh Tradition Wedding

Before wedding the young man asks for the approval from loved girl to become his wife not for himself, but through the wife of the senior brother.
Similar tradition is not casual, as during many centuries strict laws of steppes did not suppose open meetings of the groom and the bride.
Very much frequently it happened so, that the bride even did not know her groom, though their parents were friends.

In the appointed day matchmakers of the groom are in the house of the girl with gifts and sweets. Parents and relatives of the guy carry a wedding ring, two scarfs and two pieces of fabric for a dress. They cut the ram and are making sorpa from it in the house of the bride.
One of the groom's relatives puts a wedding ring on a ring finger of the bride. After that shows of the future bride are arranged, they take the repayment for it from the visitors .
The day of last prewedding stage is appointed, after which any of the parties has no right to upset engagement. This day, in the evening, in a room where visitors are sitting, they enter the bride in support of the daughter-in-law who asks the repayment for shows. The daughter-in-law of the groom puts a wedding ring , a necklace and earrings on the bride.
This is the beginning of betrothal. The singer sings ceremonial songs "toi bastar" under accompaniment saza or dombra. Only the groom's relatives begin to dance.
The aul aksakals bless young people and appoint the exact day of wedding.
The bride's girl-friends gather at night before wedding. The maiden sit-round gathering last till the very morning. This time they prepare for wedding: baursaks, flat cakes, various sweets are baked, they cut the ram, kuyrdak is prepared.
Next morning the groom's relatives drop in at the house of the bride, but she is in the next house at that time. Tables are covered in a court yard for neighbours. After an entertainment relatives of the groom and the bride are dancing, untill the main entertainment - besbarmak will not be ready yet.
Then the bride is entered under singing in a court yard of a house. Ahead of procession - one of the bride's relatives. The bride's native brother ties a belt of the sister with a scarf in order she would be the true and obedient wife to the husband and polite daughter to his parents. They take away the bride after she will say goodbye to her parents. After an entrance of young people into the house, the toastmaster invites visitors to sit at the table. And the bride at this time is staying in the room specially intended for her together with the daughter-in-law where she should be till the very conjugal night (presently the bride is sitting near the groom).
In the morning the bride, with her face covered, is entered into the main room where relatives and neighbours of the groom are gathered. They raise the scarf's edges and open the face of a newly married girl. She stands up and bows as a token of respect. Everyone is singing "Bet ashar" song. The daughters-in-law take her under hands and introduce her in a court yard where she is met by the singing groom with friends.
That wedding also comes to an end, but it is completely not main custom of celebrating, each wedding has the specific features depending on conditions of this or that district.

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