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     Customs rules

On the arriving to the airport of the country it's necessary to fill custom declaration on having goods, personal belongings and money that he's carrying. Whenpassing custom procedures you'll be offered custom declaration in foreign languages, applying in the international practice. Each person aged 16 should fillcustom declaration. After filling it up the declaration should be presented to the officer of the Custom body for carrying out custom procedures. When carryinggoods through the custom border the rates of custom.duties, determined according to the acting legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan are applied.
We draw special attention to the next: It is necessary to know and remember that each air passenger has the right to import goods with total release fromthe custom duties at common cost, including 2 000 US dollars, providing that general weight of goods does not exceed 70 kilograms, except under excise groupof goods. These goods have certain confines on importation (list of goods is allocated at the hall of custom registration of the airport). List of forbidden goods toimport, export and transit is allocated at the same place (at the airport). Passengers citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan may export cash foreign currencywith equivalent of 3000 US dollars without documents confirming legality of origin. On exporting over than 3000 US dollars, it is obligatory to present to thecustomers documents for all exporting currency, confirming legality of its origin (confirmation of the bank, the exchange and arrival custom ).Exportation of cash foreign currency by passengers not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out according to the custom declaration filled by themafter their arrival. Passengers must present documents confirming legality of origin of currency (confirmation of the bank, the exchange and arrival customdeclaration) in the case of exceed of the amount cash foreign currency declared on arriving to the country. Importation of eash foreign currency on the territoryof our Republic for passengers - residents and not residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan is unlimited! Declaring in the custom declaration and presentingmoney to the officer of Custom body, you have the right to count foreign currency yourself without transmission of it to the official of Custom body. We drawyour attention that personal examination as a form of custom check-in is carried in presence of reasons to suppose that the person, passing the custom borderof the Republic of Kazakhstan is keeping goods being the objects of contraventions of the country legislation and is carried only with permission written by theChief of Custom house. The person under examination has right to get acquainted with the order of carrying out and written decision of the Chief of Customhouse.
In the case of ungrounded claims of Custom body officers you have the right to require normative documents regulating these claims and actions, and find out officers first name, his position, rank, the number of pectoral sign and official certificate of employee of Custom house. At the same time if your are not satisfied with presented explanation the conflict or disputable situation with Custom body officers arose, you may use the telephone number of Custom Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan 8 (3172) 22-73-23. You'll be listened on this telephone number and the measures will be taken for solution of the conflict
Telephone numbers of the custom offices of the international airport of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Astana     8-3172-327332
  • Almaty     8-3272-872312
  • Aktau     8-3292-421188
  • Aktobe     8-3132-241252
  • Atyrau     8-31222-30993
  • Karaghanda     8-3112-743723
  • Kostanay     8-3142-273488
  • Pavlodar     8-3182-799607
  • Petropavlovsk     8-3152-463142
  • Taraz     8-32622-51831
  • Oral     8-31122-21937
  • Oskemen     8-3232-261987
  • Shymkent     8-3252-945652

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