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Kazakhstan was recently one of the winners of a Lonely Planet contest to determine what country has the most difficult visa regime.
It's complicated enough and requiring an invitation from a source within Kazakhstan, confirmation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and registration upon arrival.
You might want to use a visa service in your home country, although you or they will still need an invitation from a person or legal entity in Kazakhstan.
Since visa regulations change frequently and the cost of your visa depends on the passport you carry, it is essential to contact the Kazakh consulate in your country for more detailed information and procedures
Almost everyone must also have a valid Kazakh visa to enter the country. Exceptions are:

  • Nationals of CIS countries (except Turkmenistan);
  • Nationals of Mongolia (who may stay up to 90 days);
  • Nationals of Albania, Cuba, Czech Republic, Hungary, Korea (DPR).
  • . Romania, Slovak Republic, Turkey, Vietnam and Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) (who may stay up to one month).
    The visitors to Kazakhstan get their entry visas at the councils of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and come to Kazakhstan on the basis of the invitation.
    Tourist, business, transit and "private trip" visas are offered, for periods of 7 days, 14 days, one month, three months and one year.
    In Astana and Almaty there are a lot of travel companies providing such visa support that costs USA $ 30-70.
    There is a council at the Astana and Almaty Airport for the simplification of the visa procedures for the foreign citizens. You may get your visas with the help of the following firms.
    The visa from the council of the Ministry fo Foreign Affairs at the airport costs USA $ 30 and USA $ 10 for the services of the Council Service
    Department of the MFA. There are 2 custom corridors at the Astana and Almaty airport. That can help you to save your time at the custom registration: one for the native passengers, the other for the foreign passengers. And besides, there is one more way to pass the customs for the leaving passengers.
    Nevertheless, if possible, it is better to get a Kazakh visa ahead of time and cut out the many hassles that may occur.
    All of the foreign visitors have to pass the registration at the Migration Policy Board of the Board of the Internal Affairs Republic of Kazakhstan.

    More information:
    Customs committee Republic of Kazakhstan [ RUS ]
    The ministry of foreign businesses Republic of Kazakhstan [ RUS ]
    The ministry of the public revenues Republic of Kazakhstan [ RUS ]

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